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At CESI Engineering School, we are not only scientists, but we are also engineers in a world of evolution

Cet article a été rédigé dans le cadre d’un devoir d’anglais pour CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs. Mes camarades et moi partageons la manière dont nous vivons notre expérience à CESI. Si vous êtes étudiant à la recherche d’école d’ingénieurs, cet article vous propose de découvrir CESI au travers l’expérience d’étudiants en première année.

Hi, we are Alois, Lucie, Mattéo and Mattéo from CESI Engineering School. When we had to make a choice on Parcoursup, CESI was our best opportunity, and we will explain you why it probably could be yours!

We really recommend the CESI engineering school! We have only been studying at the CESI engineering school for a month, but we can tell you that it is a great school that deserves your attention. We are really impressed by the school’s pedagogy. At the beginning, it stressed us, but the pedagogy is innovative, no more boring classes spent hours on a chair listening to the teacher. Here, it is an active pedagogy, you realize concrete projects that make you apply your theoretical knowledge and allow you to learn them better. Learning through concrete projects is much more motivating than through classical class. Moreover, the fact of working in groups and managing one’s own working time is much more pleasant and less stressful than the lectures we attended during my schooling. We are really considered as adults and theory is directly applied: we can easily assimilate the different notions.

The most important is that the pedagogy allows you to develop the main soft skills expected of an engineer, and necessary to work efficiently. It allows you to learn how to extract useful information from documentations in order to solve a problem. Today, the evolutions of technologies and sciences don’t allow to stop to learn after studies. CESI develops your abilities to make research and to adapt your knowledges to be up to the technological evolutions. The proximity with businesses or the number of interns are an advantage: it allows you to follow a curriculum of excellence without paying to much.

We asked to some of our fellow students to share you their experience at CESI:

Gaetan ANGIBAUD agrees to say that this pedagogy put them in a professional situation:

“My name is Gaëtan and I am a student at CESI. I really liked the way the school works, based on problem solving and independent work. I like this learning technique because it puts us in a business environment, i.e. in a real professional work situation.”.

Gaëtan ANGIBAUD from CESI Engineering School

Clément GEORGE BERNARD confirms the efficiency of the learning method, and underlines the attention paid to student life, the good vide within the campus with some good event proposed by the student’s office:

“Hello, I’m Clément, here’s the main reasons why I’m happy being a CESI student: the main perk of studying here is being able to experience active pedagogy, something different from what I’m used to and that is, in my case, a lot more effective than the traditional way of learning. Everyone is nice and we have more than enough free time to do any extracurricular activities we might want to do.”

Clément GEORGE BERNARD from CESI Engineering School

Finally, CESI reflects the innovative learning permitting students to adapt themselves quickly in a context of innovations and evolutions, making them ready to join the professional world.

An article by Mattéo PIAZZA, Lucie GUEDAMI, Alois KOUADIO and Mattéo BOULITEAU

5 réponses à “At CESI Engineering School, we are not only scientists, but we are also engineers in a world of evolution”

  1. Avatar de Romane BONHOMME
    Romane BONHOMME

    I really enjoyed the orientation week. At first I was really stressed about getting into this school. I’ve always wanted to work in construction, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t like studying: repeating math and physics all day long. In the end I love it! We never have lectures and we learn the engineering profession through projects, it’s much more concrete. As soon as the orientation week came around, I knew I had found my way. I met some great people and learned to collaborate.

  2. Avatar de Clément GEORGE BERNARD

    Hello, my name is Clément and in this small letter, I will be sharing with you my first impression with CESI as one of their students.
    For the first day of school, we were expected to come at 9am and were greeted by every professor that will be teaching us during our first year. The main point of the first day was explaining the learning method in place here at CESI: the method used here is called PBL (Problem Based Learning), it is a student-centered approach in which students learn about a subject by working in groups to solve an open-ended problem. This problem is what drives the motivation and the learning.
    We were also then given every administration document and were sent home by noon.
    3 days later was our real proper start to our academic years and we were dispatched in various groups of roughly 15 people each. I was explained that our first week of school was a dedicated integration week.
    Our first activity was trying to build a bridge using cards and paper clips. It was a fun activity which served as a real icebreaker between the people of our group. The next day we were given our first PROSIT (problem we must solve) and were introduced to the solving method CESI is advocating. The week when on and on and every 2 days we had a new problem we had to solve.

    My honest review about the school:

    This school is unique in many ways, in fact I never experienced anything like this before, the method of learning is original, I’m not sure if I like it but It’s definitively an effective way of learning. However, the main perk of being here is despite CESI being an engineering school with a lot of free time to do any extra-curricular we might want to do as we work from 9am to 6:15pm with a 1h break at noon.

  3. Avatar de Yann

    A strong point of the school is the integration of new student with party (on teuf teuf club for example) or activities with second and old student for explain the school and how the trip are going and for sure reassure us about the coming years.

  4. Avatar de Angibaud

    To begin with I was very surprised by this orientation week, which to my great surprise did not go at all as I imagined.

    First of all, at the beginning we are a bit lost because we don’t know anyone. Then, as the week went on, we got to know our group because we were in the same group for the whole week to carry out small activities.

    Then at the beginning of the seminar, there are some “ice-breaker” workshops which allow a first approach of the special pedagogy of this school. To elaborate a little on this learning method, for me it is very interesting because we are directly immersed in the business world which immediately puts us in a professional working atmosphere. This workshop consisted of building a bridge between two chairs using a card game and paper clips. It allowed us to highlight certain points, including what the pbl working method () would bring us as skills. That is to say group work, team cohesion, distribution of tasks during a project…

    To get to the heart of the matter, this integration week had video conferences every morning and afternoon from the people running CESI at national level. These videos gave us information on the expectations and the course of our first year as well as the functioning for the future years. This was very interesting as it allowed me to project myself. Then, to begin to understand the learning method, we also had the development of small projects with 15 students. These projects had a double challenge, to socialise people between them, and to introduce us and try to understand the method.

    Finally, I, who like to go out and party, was expecting to have a week full of parties, but I found myself in class with discovery activities all day long, which pleasantly surprised me and allowed me to integrate well.

  5. Avatar de Eustache

    Hi, I’m Lucille, I’m currently studying at CESI school in Lyon and I’m going to share with you my experience across the orientation week!
    Each year, the new CESI’s students participate at the orientation week. The first little step for the students to the big step of the college!
    It’s the opportunity for us to meet strangers and turn them into friends.
    This week is also the beginning into the CESI’s spirit. In fact, we start our first project and discover the pedagogy of CESI. All is based on the “Problem Based Learning”: with meetings, projects to realize, problems to solve, all as an established worker!
    Work Style:
    To realize a project, there are several steps.
    First, certain projects are in several sub-projects. In addition, all the promo is organized on groups of 15 people.
    Then, there is the opening meeting, it’s used to read the subject, define its characteristics (problematic, keywords, etc.), and establish an execution plan.
    Next, there is autonomy session during which we work about it and edit a RSL (Research and Study Log). We can work with classmates (but the RSL is personal).
    Finally, there is a final meeting where we present our results, our feelings about the project and then, the tutor make a feed-back about the group.
    Master plan representing the different project’s steps.
    This company’s atmosphere is very cool. There is no class session as the high school can propose. Obviously, we must learn some scientific notions. For that there are Workshop sessions where an intervener explains to us some notions of mathematics, or physic. After that, we have some exercises to solve, and in the major case, the Workshop help us to resolve the project.
    I think I’ve done the sumup of the orientation week. This week is very the beginning, and I was very surprised to appreciate it and not feel that “oh no, why I’m going to school? I don’t want it!!” every morning, only the Friday 😉.
    If I can advise you, CESI is very a good college if you like the science but dislike the school. We are free to organize our work and the faith is a keyword of the school.
    The working atmosphere is really cool, and the staff is very attentive to their students.
    Don’t hesitate if you have any question, write it in the chat area of the network!

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